Who Was First There Will Always Be Somebody Before

It is a misbelief that Alibert was the first to describe mycosis fungoides (MF). Almost 200 years earlier, Bontius (1) Citing Pesino from Italy described a disease, which today we would classify as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). The erythrodermic and leukemic variant of MF was not described for the first time by Sezary and Bouv-rain (2). Twenty years earlier, Leo von Zumbusch at the 9th reunion of the Munich Dermatological Society presented a 71-year-old male patient suffering for 5 months with erythroderma, leukocytosis (21,000/mL) and lymphocytosis (> 70%), with lymphoid skin infiltrates, hair loss, and hyperkeratosis (3). This probably is the first documented description of what we refer to today as Sezary syndrome.

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