Trigeminal Fasciculus

Pons Olivary

medial longitudinal fasciculus hypoglossal nucleus dorsal vagal \ \ nucleus \ \

.cavity of fourth ventricle arcuate nucleus pyramid transverse section of medulla oblongata: middle level of the olivary nuclei vagus nerveL

lateral spinothalamics tract medial accessory olivary nucleus olive inferior medullary velum medial vestibular nucleus inferior vestibular nucleus tectospinal tract spinal tract and nucleus of trigeminal nerve nucleus ambiguus dorsal accessory olivary nucleus anterior spinocerebellar tract inferior olivary nucleus medial lemniscus hypoglossal nerve posterior cochlear nucleus nucleus of tractus solitarius inferior cerebellar peduncle anterior median fissure

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  • jorja
    What does medulla oblongata structure?
    8 years ago

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