How to Perform the Best Peeling for the Treatment of Rosacea

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Salicylic acid peelings performed at 3- to 4-week intervals are a good choice for patients with rosacea. Salicylic acid peeling has antimicrobial activity, reduces erythrosis and prevents relapses.

In erythrosis 15% to 25% to 30% salicylic acid peeling should be performed at 3-week intervals for a total of three to four peelings (Fig. 17.14a, b). Suggested topical treatment between peeling includes: 0,75% metronidazole cream once a day or 1-2% salicylic acid cream once a day and sunblock creams

In papulo-pustular rosacea 25-30% salicylic acid peeling is utilized in association with systemic treatment with metronidazole or antibiotics and topical treatment as for erythrosis (Figs. 17.15,17.16 and 17.17).

Salicylic acid penetrates more deeply in the areas of inflammation and produces rapid drying of papules and pustules 1 or 2 days after the peeling. These beneficial effects are determined by the antimicrobic activity of salicylic acid, which also stimulates fibroblasts, inducing an improvement of the vascular component of ro-sacea. Application of salicylic acid in inflammatory rosacea is equally as safe and effective in residual or initial lesions.

Fig. 17.14a, b. Erythrosis: before (a) and after (b) chemical peel

Erythema Multiforme Peeling

Fig. 17.14a, b. Erythrosis: before (a) and after (b) chemical peel

Chemical Peels For Rosacea
Fig. 17.16a, b. Papulo-pustular rosacea: before (a) and after (b) chemical peel
Rosacea Chemical Peel

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