Indications and Patient Selection

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The main indications for deep chemical peel include: dyschromia, wrinkles, premalignant skin tumors, and acne scars.

Originally, the ideal patient for deep chemical peel was a blond, blue-eyed woman of fair 8 complexion. Our experience shows that phenol-based peels can be safely performed on olive- and dark-skinned patients with dark eyes

8.6 Contraindications

There are few absolute contraindications for deep peeling, with the exception of physical or mental instability. During pregnancy and lactation any cosmetic intervention is considered to be undesirable. We have safely peeled patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, thrombo-cytopenia, thyroid malfunction, etc., as long as their disease is well controlled and stable. All pa

Fig. 8.4 a,b. "Ideal"candidate for deep chemical peeling: middle-aged fair-skinned woman with blue eyes and blond hair and photodamage-induced wrinkling before (a) and after (b) deep chemical peel
Fig. 8.4c, d Dark-skinned women are also possible candidates for deep chemical peels. Note the accentuation of intradermal nevus next to the left ala nasi following the peel (d)

tients are required to perform electrocardiogram and complete blood count tests prior to the procedure. Any heart disease requires special precautions and it is always recommended to work in cooperation with a patient's cardiologist.

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