Adding trialspecific questions

Despite the detailed development of questionnaires, in most trials there are one or two specific relevant areas, for example, symptoms, side effects, attitudes, which are not included in the standard questionnaires. However, trial-specific questions can nearly always be added at the end of a standard questionnaire. For example, the MRC colorectal group in a trial of three chemotherapy regimens which were given in three very different ways (15-minute infusion every three weeks, 2-day infusion every three weeks, or continuously via a pump) added questions relating to the side-effects (dry or sore mouth and soreness or redness of hands or feet) and attitudes to the regimen (how much has treatment interfered with daily activities). However, it is important to follow the basic principles of question construction outlined above, being careful about the way such questions are worded, and pilot work is usually necessary.

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