Box 121 The additional benefits accruing to an established trials centre

♦ An internationally recognized centre of excellence which can collaborate with other international trials groups

♦ Coherent programmes of clinical trials planned strategically and run cost-effectively

♦ Cross-fertilization of ideas and experience across trials in different cancer sites

♦ An established network of collaborating centres, expert advisers and independent assessors

♦ A team of experienced core staff with statistical, medical, computing, trial coordinating, management, administrative and secretarial expertise

♦ Continuity of staff, permitting the development of disease-specific expertise

♦ A programme of systematic reviews and meta-analyses linked to the trials

♦ Long-standing links with patient advocacy groups

♦ Established procedures for relating to sponsors and for collaboration between industrial and non-industrial partners

♦ Availability of data from trials for many years after publication for meta-analyses and other research

♦ A clear focus for the 'ownership,' follow-up and long-term retention of trial data

♦ A programme of methodological and trials-associated research to improve trials and make productive use of large amounts of accumulated data

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