Drafting reports

Drafting a report on a trial is a collaborative effort and it is important to ensure that all members of the trial management group and collaborating clinicians have the opportunity to comment on drafts.

♦ The report should be drafted by the trial management group.

♦ In international trials involving other trials groups, one group usually takes the lead and will draft the report(s), but the other groups should be given the opportunity to comment and agree the final manuscript.

♦ The trial management group decides to which journal the report should be submitted, and drafts the report in the appropriate style. They should, however, inform all collaborators of their suggestion, and be prepared to alter their decision if good reasons for doing so emerge.

♦ Appropriate members of the trial management group should take the initiative in preparing reports for publication, submitting them, and ensuring that referees' comments are addressed, revising manuscripts as required, checking proofs, and ordering, paying for and distributing reprints.

♦ Reprints should be sent to all collaborators in the trial.

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