Research costs

♦ Staff salaries, or proportions of salaries, for e.g. a medical statistician, a clinical trials manager, a data manager, and computing, administrative, and secretarial support

♦ Recruitment costs for advertizing posts and for training personnel

♦ Equipment expenses for e.g. personal computer and printer

♦ Printing costs for protocols, case reports forms and newsletters

♦ Hire of venue and travel and accommodation expenses for meetings of the trial management group, collaborating clinicians, the data monitoring and ethics committee, and the trial steering committee

♦ Travel costs for members of the trial management group to visit collaborating centres and for quality assurance visits, if required

♦ Costs of any expert reviews

♦ Flagging for notification of deaths or other events, if available, with the appropriate national registry - the Office of National Statistics in the UK

♦ Costs of reprints of publications

♦ General office expenses (consumables) to cover e.g. photocopying, faxing, telephoning, and postage

♦ Per-patient payments to collaborating centres to cover local costs of collaboration, if appropriate

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