2.23 (0.33) 2.78 (0.37) 18.77 (1.14) 15.03 (2.27) 71,782 (53,219) 67.4 92.1

Note: DAS = Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale. CSQ-Neg. Comp. = naire-Composite for Negative Events.

Cognitive Style Question-

low-up, participants were interviewed and completed questionnaires every 4 months. During each assessment, questionnaires and interviews were used to assess the occurrence of negative life events, inferences for these events, the components of Beck's (1967,1987) negative cognitive triad (negative view of self, world, and future), coping styles, social support, and the onset and offset of symptoms and DSM-III-R and RDC episodes of depression and other psychopathology. Data from these assessments were also used to assess the onset and offset of symptoms and diagnoses of HD (see Table 2.2 for HD diagnostic criteria).

At the end of each year of follow-up, participants completed measures to reassess their inferential styles and dysfunctional attitudes, as well as their coping styles and self-referent information processing. Further, during the first 2% years of follow-up, participants and their parents completed a number of measures assessing parents' history of psychopath-ology, parents' cognitive styles, inferential feedback, and parenting styles, as well as participants' childhood life events and reports of childhood maltreatment. Finally, at the end of the 5%-year follow-up, participants completed a second PDE. For further details about the rationale, design, and methodology of the CVD project, see Alloy and Abramson (1999). Given that the majority of the CVD project data from the second 2% years

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