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Flour compsns. with high gluten and soluble dietary fibre—comprising milled oat groat prod. and having good staling resistance and low calorie content.

Patent Assignee: RUDEL H W (RUDE-I) Inventor: RUDEL H W

Number of Countries: 022 Number of Patents: 013

Patent No Kind Date Applicat No Kind Date Main IPC Week

WO 9005453 A 19900531 199025 B

CA 2002223 A 19900522 199031

AU 9047441 A 19900612 199036

US 4961937 A 19901009 US 88276408 A 19881122 199043 ZA 9003737 A 19910327 ZA 903737 A 19900516 199117 N EP 438536 A 19910731 EP 90901231 A 19891114 199131 JP 4023942 A 19920128 JP 9012893 A 19900518 199210 N IL 91755 A 19920906 IL 91755 A 19890924 199242 AU 641628 B 19930930 AU 9047441 A 19891114 199347 EP 438536 B1 19941005 WO 89US5207 A 19891114 199438

EP 90901231 A 19891114 DE 68918702 E 19941110 DE 618702 A 19891114 199444 WO 89US5207 A 19891114 EP 90901231 A 19891114

EP 438536 A4 19920102 EP 90901231 A 19900000 199520 "S

CA 2002223 C 19950704 CA 2002223 A 19891103 199534 |

Abstract (Basic): WO 9005453 A

Flour compsns. contain sufficient gluten flour to give a vital gluten content of at least 17% of the dry mix, and a milled oat groat prod. giving ^

0.2-56.0% soluble oat dietary fibre w.r.t. the vital gluten content. ^

The vital gluten content is at least 75% and the soluble oat dietary fibre content is 8.0-56.0 (0.2-10.6)%. The oat groat prod. includes milled oat bran and/or milled rolled oats. Baking flour is at 10-90% and vegetable germ at 0.5-3.5% w.r.t. dry mix. The baking flour includes wheat flour, rye flour, milled corn meal flour, whole wheat flour and/or milled miller's bran flour. The vegetable gum is guar gum.

USE/ADVANTAGE—Baked goods produced from the compsns. do not

Patent Literature Review

stale and have extended keep qualities, have high protein and dietary fibre. content and have reduced calories.

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