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Gluten free biscuits contg. guar flour—are free from animal protein and fat, useful as appetite satisfiers for overweight people. Patent Assignee: BIMBOSAN AG (BIMB-N) Inventor: HOSANG A

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CH 684921 A5 19950215 CH 93125 A 19930114 A21D-013/08 199511 B Abstract (Basic): CH 684921 A

Gluten-free biscuits contg. no animal protein and no animal fat are made using only gluten-free flours and with the addn. of guar flour.

USE—The biscuits can be taken by persons allergic to gluten, and are esp. useful as appetite satisfiers for overweight people.

ADVANTAGE—The guar acts as binder in the absence of gluten to maintain coherent biscuits. Guar has a very low calorie content and limits the uptake of cholesterol in the digestive system, and is thus a useful health-promoting ingredient.

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