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Highly nutritional, vegetarian dry food supplement—comprising vegetable protein and lipid(s), psyllium husks as fibre and carbohydrate source.

Patent Assignee: KALOGRIS T P (KALO-I)

Inventor: KALOGRIS T P

Number of Countries: 001 Number of Patents: 001

Patent Literature Review

Patent No Kind Date Applicat No Kind Date Main IPC Week US 4737364 A 19880412 US 8711407 A 19870204 198817 B Abstract (Basic): US 4737364 A

Known highly nutritional vegetarian dry food supplements (providing not more than 120 calories/15g) consisting of vegetable protein (I) (soy protein isolate and/or brewer's yeast; to give total protein content 35-65% by wt.), 10-20% by wt. total complex carbohydrate (II), at least 4% by wt. fibre (III), vegetable lipids (IV) (polyunsatd. vegetable oil or vegetable derived lecithin; to give total lipid content 10-20% by wt.), and 5-20% by wt. total vitamins and minerals are improved by using psyllium husks as the sole source of (II) and (III).

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