The 1995 AOAC International Workshop Results

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To conclude the results of the three international surveys, an AOAC International Workshop was also held in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 15-16, 1995, with 57 participants from the United States, Canada, and Europe. The foremost authorities in the world from industry, academia, and government participated. The Workshop is a follow-up to the international surveys as well as the activities of the Carbohydrates Subcommittee of the Nutrients Labeling Analysis Task Force of 1992-1993 and the International Life Science Institute (ILSI)-North American Workshop held in November 1994 in Washington, D.C. (14).

The workshop results indicated that there is a general agreement among industry that complex carbohydrates equal available starch and dietary fiber (15). There was a general agreement among the workshop participants that dietary fiber should be included in the definition of complex carbohydrates and that ROs are part of dietary fiber. Twenty-nine persons, representing 85% of the 34 people providing a definition for complex carbohydrates, agreed that the definition is the sum of dietary fiber and starch (technically speaking, available or enzyme available starch). For the nutrition label, complex carbohydrates could be derived as the sum of analytically measured starch and dietary fiber values or by the calculation as total carbohydrates—(sugar + available oligosaccharides). Among the 29 scientists supporting the definition of complex carbohydrates as the sum of starch and dietary fiber, 16 persons (corresponding to 55%) supported the labeling of analytically derived values (total dietary fiber and available starch) and 13 persons (45%) were of the opinion that the values calculated by the difference method would be acceptable. It was recommended that the associate referee continue study based on this definition of complex carbohydrates as the sum of available starch and dietary fiber. It is in agreement with the definition of complex carbohydrates used in recent U.S. Dietary Guidelines of 1995 (2). An interesting point to note is only two persons supported the FDA's 1991 definition of complex carbohydrates as total carbohydrates—dietary fiber—simple sugars. Other definitions considered were the sum of starch and non-starch saccharides (3 persons)

and the sum of starch and non-starch polysaccharides (which correspond to poly- |

saccharides; 0 person). Strong interest was shown in analytical methods for ROs. m>

It was recommended to establish new associate refereeships in this area (15). =3

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