Use Of Hpaepad In Method Development For Dietary Fiber Determination

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HPAE-PAD is proving to be valuable not only for the final determination of neutral sugars and uronic acids for nutritional labeling, but also in development of the methodology. The accuracy of dietary fiber determinations depends on the efficacy of the hydrolysis procedures used whether they be enzymatic or chemical. Fahey et al. have used HPAE-PAD to compare hydrolysis procedures for dietary fiber (21). Englyst et al. have also used HPAE-PAD to compare the rela- "S

tive merits of chemical and enzymatic procedures for hydrolysis of pectins

(11,15). The results for a 2M sulfuric acid hydrolysis of a pectin (15) are shown j in Figure 19. In addition to neutral sugars and galacturonic acid, significant peaks t?

corresponding to uronic acid oligomers are also present indicating incomplete conversion to the free acid under these conditions.

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