Cinnamic Aldehyde Cinnamaldehyde 3Phenyl2Propenal CAS Registry Number [104552

This perfumed molecule is used as a fragrance in perfumes, a flavoring agent in soft drinks, ice creams, dentifrices, pastries, chewing-gum, etc. It can induce both contact urticaria and de-layed-type reactions. It can be responsible for dermatitis in the perfume industry or in food handlers. Cinnamic aldehyde is contained in "fragrance mix."As a fragrance allergen, it has to be mentioned by name in cosmetics within the EU.

Suggested Reading

Nethercott JR, Holness DL (1989) Occupational dermatitis in food handlers and bakers. J Am Acad Dermatol 21: 485-490 Seite-Bellezza D, El Sayed F, Bazex J (1994) Contact urticaria from cinna-mic aldehyde and benzaldehyde in a confectioner. Contact Dermatitis

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