PVPHexadecene Copolymer

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CAS Registry Number [32440-50-9]

CAS Registry Number [32440-50-9]

PVP/hexadecene copolymer, another PVP copolymer used for identical applications as PVP/eicosene copolymer, has been rarely implicated in contact dermatitis.

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De Groot AC, Bruynzeel DP, Bos JD, van der Meeren HL, van Joost T, Jagtman BA, Weyland JW (1988) The allergens in cosmetics. Arch Dermatol 124:1525-1529 Scheman A, Cummins R (1998) Contact allergy to PVP/hexadecene copolymer. Contact Dermatitis 39: 201

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