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CAS Registry Number [100-43-6]


4-Vinyl pyridine was used as a monomer in polymer chemistry and induced nonimmunological contact urticaria, and allergic contact dermatitis. No cross-reactivity is observed between pyri-dine derivatives.

Suggested Reading

Bergendorff O, Wallengren J (1999) 4-Vinylpyridine-induced dermatitis in a laboratory worker. Contact Dermatitis 40: 280-281 Foussereau J, Lantz JP, Grosshans E (1972) Allergic eczema from vinyl-4-

pyridine. Contact Dermatitis Newslett 11 : 261 Sasseville D, Balbul A, Kwong P,Yu K (1996) Contact sensitization to pyridine derivatives. Contact Dermatitis 35: 101-102

408. Virginiamycin

CAS Registry Number [11006-76-1]

Virginiamycin S1: Staphylomycin S CAS Registry Number [23152-29-6]

Virginiamycin M1: Pristinamycin IIA, Mikamycin A, Ostreogrycin A,

Staphylomycin M1, Streptogramin A, Vernamycin A CAS Registry Number [21411-53-0]

Postoperative Dermatitis

Like the other streptogramin, pristinamycin, virginiamycin is made of two subunits, virginiamycin S1 and virginiamycin M1. Dermatitis was quite common in people using the formerly available topical virginiamycin. Occupational dermatitis was observed in the pharmaceutical industry, in breeders, and in a surgeon who used topical virginiamycin on postoperative wounds (personal observation).

Suggested Reading

Rudzki E, Rebandel P (1984) Contact sensitivity to antibiotics. Contact

Dermatitis 11 : 41-42 Tennstedt D, Dumont-Fruytier M, Lachapelle JM (1978) Occupational allergic contact dermatitis to virginiamycin, an antibiotic used as a food additive for pigs and poultry. Contact Dermatitis 4:133-134

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