This book grew from notes first written in 1992 for medical and surgical students at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Comments from students over the years helped me to modify the text, and I am therefore greatly indebted to those whom I have taught. The notes were condensed for inclusion in my textbook Clinical Anatomy (first published by Churchill Livingstone, 2001), and I acknowledge with thanks the cooperation of staff at Elsevier in allowing the use of the original notes here.

There are several people who deserve my special thanks. The first is Eric Clarke who goaded me into action in 1992 and who has been a constant source of encouragement and practical help. The second is Dr Gordon Wright MA, MD, Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, who in 1970-1971 taught me neuroanatomy with great wit and style, and who responded to my request for constructive criticism of an earlier version of the text. Of course, I bear sole responsibility for errors. I look forward to receiving constructive criticism from others. And finally, I thank Pauline Graham and her colleagues at Cambridge University Press.

I would like to think that this book would have met with the approval of Maxwell Marsden Bull MA, MD, sometime Fellow and Senior Tutor of Queens' College, Cambridge. He had a great gift for expository and analytical teaching, and he showed me that educate and delectare can be synonymous.

Stanley Monkhouse Derby 2005

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