Corpus Callosum Infarcts

Isolated corpus callosum infarction due to pericallos-al artery disease is rare, but can present as an alien hand syndrome. These patients fail to recognize the ownership of one hand when placed in certain positions or situations [16]. These lesions are readily detected by DW imaging and have signal characteristics similar to cerebral infarcts (Fig. 5.10).

Corpus Callosum Infarction
Figure 5.10 a-c

Corpus callosum infarction in a 64-year-old man with left-sided weakness. a T2-weighted image shows a hyperintense lesion in the anterior part and body of the corpus callosum extending into right frontal white matter (arrows). b DW image clearly shows this lesion as hyperintense. c ADC is decreased, representing acute infarction (arrows)

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