Barlows disease


Moller-Barlow disease; Barlow's syndrome; Cheadle-Moller-Barlow syndrome;

Moeller's disease; infantile scurvy; vitamin C deficiency syndrome


Vitamin C deficiency disease in children, manifested by gingival lesions, hemorrhage, arthralgia, loss of appetite, and list-lessness


Vitamin C deficiency, after at least 3 months of severe or total lack of vitamin C, resulting in defective collagen synthesis and defective folic acid and iron utilization

Bartonellosis 85

Clinical manifestation

Perifollicular hyperkeratotic papules, surrounded by a hemorrhagic halo; hairs twisted like corkscrews and possibly fragmented; submucosal gingival bleeding, subperiosteal hemorrhage, arthralgia; anorexia; listlessness; exophthalmos and conjunctival hemorrhage; poor wound healing

Differential diagnosis

Vasculitis; child abuse; coagulation abnormalities with leukemia; platelet abnormalities, etc.; deep vein thrombosis; thrombophlebitis

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