Barraquer Simons disease

► Progressive lipodystrophy


Bartonella henselae found in association with both domestic and feral cats and presumably passed from cat to human; Bartonella quintana spread via human body louse

Clinical manifestation

Cat scratch disease: papule or pustule developing 5-10 days after exposure; fever; malaise; lymphadenopathy Oroya fever (verruga peruana): onset of fever 3-12 weeks after a sand fly bite; crops of small papules enlarging and healing by fibrosis over several months

Differential diagnosis

Lymphoma; leukemia; deep fungal infection; tuberculosis; plague; lymphogranu-loma venereum; AIDS; syphilis; dengue fever; malaria; babesiosis


Doxycycline; erythromycin; azithromycin; clarithromycin

► Bacillary angiomatosis

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