Basal cell carcinoma


Basal cell epithelioma; basalioma; Jacob's ulcer; rodent ulcer

Basal cell carcinoma. Papule with rolled margins and central erosion on the nasal bridge


Cutaneous neoplasm arising from pluripo-tential cells of the epidermis or its appendages


Early, intense sun exposure possibly causing p53 tumor suppressor gene mutations, allowing unrestricted proliferation

Clinical manifestation

Nodular variant: pearly, translucent papule with central depression, erosion, or ulceration; rolled borders; telangiectasia on the surface

Pigmented variant: flecks of gray or blue pigment in addition to features described for nodular variant

Superficial variant: pink-to-brown, scaly plaque or papule, often with annular configuration

Morpheaform variant: poorly demarcated, sclerotic plaque or papule

Differential diagnosis

Squamous cell carcinoma; nevus; fibrous papule; wart; appendage tumor; seborrheic keratosis; sebaceous gland hyperplasia; Bowen's disease


Primary tumor in anatomically insensitive sites: destruction by electrodesiccation and curettage; elliptical excision; cryotherapy; orthovoltage radiation therapy; fluorour-acil cream

Basan syndrome B7

Recurrent tumor or tumors in anatomically sensitive sites: Mohs micrographie surgery*


Thissen MR, Neumann MH, Schouten LJ (1999) A systematic review of treatment modalities for primary basal cell carcinomas. Archives of Dermatology i35(io):ii77-ii83

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