Benign migratory glossitis

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Geographic tongue; stomatitis areata migrans, erythema areata migrans


Map-like appearance of the tongue resulting from irregular migratory denuded plaques on its surface


Unknown; results from the loss of papillae of tongue, giving areas of the tongue a flat surface, and the subsequent geographic appearance; may be related to local trauma or irritants

Clinical manifestation

Irregular, smooth, red plaques on the dorsal surface of the tongue, rapidly changing in pattern; surrounding the area of erythema and loss of filiform papillae is a well-defined hyperkeratotic yellow-white border with an irregular outline; often associated with burning sensation

Differential diagnosis

Lingua plicata; contact stomatitis; candidia-sis; psoriasis; lichen planus


No therapy indicated References

Delaney JE (1995) Periodontal and soft-tissue abnormalities. Dental Clinics of North America 39(4)^837-850

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