Benzoyl peroxide

Trade name(s)

Benoxyl; Benzac AC; Benza-Gel; Brevoxyl; Desquam-E; PanOxyl; Persa-Gel; Triaz; combination benzoyl peroxide products: Benzamycin; BenzaClin; Duac

Generic available

Drug class


Mechanism of action

Free-radical, oxygen-mediated bacteriocidal effects on P. acnes in sebaceous follicles

Dosage form

Dermatologic indications and dosage

See table

Common side effects

Cutaneous: dryness, erythema, peeling, contact dermatitis

Serious side effects


Drug interactions


Other interactions

Fabrics: may cause color bleaching


Hypersensitivity to drug class or component


Basak PY, Gultekin F, Kilinc I, Delibas N (2002) The effect of benzoyl peroxide and benzoyl per-oxide/erythromycin combination on the antioxidative defence system in papulopustular acne. European Journal of Dermatology i2(i):53-57

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