Berardinelli Seip syndrome


Berardinelli syndrome; Berardinelli-Seip-Lawrence syndrome; Miescher syndrome 2; Seip syndrome; generalized lipodystrophy


Acquired complex of acanthosis nigricans, generalized lipodystrophy, diabetes mellitus, and hyperlipemia


Monogenic defect, type unknown

Benzoyl peroxide. Dermatologic indications and dosage


Adult dosage

Child dosage

Acne vulgaris

Apply twice per day

Apply twice per day

Berloque dermatitis 95

Clinical manifestation

Often preceded by an illness; absence of fat clinically evident by age 15 years; acanthosis nigricans; diabetes mellitus; associated autoimmune disorders; prone to infection

Berlock dermatitis

► Berloque dermatitis

Differential diagnosis

Lawrence-Seip syndrome; progressive partial lipodystrophy; post-traumatic partial lipodystrophy


Dietary fish oil supplementation; acitretin References

Seip M, Trygstad O (1996) Generalized lipodystrophy, congenital and acquired (lipoatrophy). Acta Paediatrica Suppl4i3:2

Diabetes 2

Diabetes 2

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