Black hairy tongue

Blistering distal dactylitis 97

Black heel


Talon noir; tennis heel; hyperkeratosis haemorrhagica; pseudochromhidrosis plantaris; calcaneal petechiae


Self-limited, asymptomatic, trauma-induced darkening of the posterior or pos-terolateral aspect of the heel occurring after minor trauma, mostly from athletic pursuits


Lateral shearing force of the epidermis sliding over the rete pegs of the papillary dermis, resulting in hemorrhage

Clinical manifestation

Multiple asymptomatic petechiae centrally aggregated with a few scattered satellite patches, located over posterior and postero-lateral heel

Differential diagnosis

Melanoma; wart; nevus; lentigo


Paring of lesion with a scalpel blade; protective heel pad for prophylaxis


Levine N, Baron J (2000) Black Heel in: James WD, Elston D (Chief eds.) eMedicine Dermatology St. Petersburg: eMedicine Corporation

Black piedra

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