Bowens disease


Squamous cell carcinoma in-situ; Bowen disease; Bowen's carcinoma


Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma with full thickness dysplasia of the epidermis without dermal invasion


Chronic solar damage, inorganic arsenic ingestion, and certain human papilloma virus subtypes (12, 13, 16 and 34) implicated as etiologic factors

Clinical manifestation

Red, scaly, non-substantive papule or plaque, most often occurring on the head and neck, but sometimes appearing on other sun-exposed areas or the trunk

Differential diagnosis

Actinic keratosis; superficial basal cell carcinoma; seborrheic keratosis; lichenoid keratosis; extramammary Paget's disease; psoriasis; tinea corporis; lupus erythemato-sus


Destruction by electrodesiccation and curettage or liquid nitrogen cryotherapy; surgical excision; fluorouracil cream; pho-todynamic therapy


Fitzgerald DA (1998) Cancer precursors. Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine & Surgery 17(2)1108-113

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