Clinical manifestation

Classic subtype: usually affects older men of Mediterranean or eastern European backgrounds; sometimes arises in chronically edematous extremities; violaceous patches, plaques, or nodules on the lower extremities, which can be painful and can ulcerate

African endemic subtype: primarily affects boys and men; appears same as classic subtype or in a more deadly form involving bones and lymph system Iatrogenic subtype: seen in kidney and liver transplant patients on immunosuppressive drugs; usually regresses after immunosup-pressive drug stopped

AIDS-related subtype: lesions often appear on the upper body, including the oral cavity, head, neck, back, and in viscera; begin as discrete, red or purple patches that are bilaterally symmetric and initially tend to involve the lower extremities; patches become elevated, evolving into nodules and plaques; sometimes arise as a large infiltrating mass or as multiple, cone-shaped, friable tumors

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