Clinical manifestation

Oral florid papillomatosis variant: white, translucent plaque on erythematous base, located on buccal mucosa, alveolar ridge, upper and lower gingiva, floor of mouth, tongue, tonsil, vermilion border of lip; sometimes develops in previous areas of leukoplakia, lichen planus, chronic lupus erythematous, cheilitis, or candidiasis; lesions evolve into white, cauliflower-like papillomas with a pebbly surface, sometimes extending and coalescing over large areas of the oral mucosa; ulceration, fistula-tion, and invasion locally into soft tissues and bone

Anourologic type (Buschke-Loewenstein tumor): most commonly on the glans penis, mainly in uncircumcised men; may also occur in the bladder and the vaginal, cervical, perianal, and pelvic organs; large, cauliflower-like nodule

Palmoplantar variant (epithelioma cunicu-latum): most commonly involves skin overlying the first metatarsal head, but also on toes, heel, medioplantar region, and amputated stumps; exophytic tumors with ulceration and sinuses draining foul-smelling discharge; pain; bleeding; difficulty walking

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