Clinical manifestation

Pink-to-violaceous patch, with variable blanching after external pressure; present from birth; usually located over the head and neck area; surface sometimes becomes thickened with a cobblestone-like contour and vascular papules or nodules or pyo-genic granulomas, usually in adulthood; skin and underlying soft tissue or bony hypertrophy may occur. Sturge-Weber (encephalofacial or encepha-lotrigeminal angiomatosis) variant: vascular malformation involving the upper facial area supplied by ophthalmic branch (CN Vi) of the trigeminal nerve, the ipsilat-eral leptomeninges, and the ipsilateral cerebral cortex; more extensive than in isolated nevus flammeus; complications include glaucoma, seizures, hemiplegia, mental retardation, cerebral calcifications, sub-dural hemorrhage, and underlying soft tissue hypertrophy

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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