Clinical manifestation

Red papules progressing to grayish, annular plaques consisting of perifollicular papules; pustules with crusts, exudate, matted hairs, and debris

Black dot variant: infection with fracture of the hair, leaving dark stubs visible in the follicular orifices

Kerion variant: extreme inflammation associated with boggy scalp and pustules; may progress to patchy or diffuse hair loss with scarring alopecia

Favus variant (tinea favosa): chronic infection caused most commonly by T. schoen-leinii, characterized by yellow, cup-shaped crusts, termed scutula, which surround the infected hair follicles

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

The best start to preventing hair loss is understanding the basics of hair what it is, how it grows, what system malfunctions can cause it to stop growing. And this ebook will cover the bases for you. Note that the contents here are not presented from a medical practitioner, and that any and all dietary and medical planning should be made under the guidance of your own medical and health practitioners. This content only presents overviews of hair loss prevention research for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a professional physician.

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