Clinical manifestation

Adult chronic form:

Mucous membranes: slowly progressive, painful papules or plaques ulcerate in oral, nasal, pharyngeal, and laryngeal tissue; gingival lesions cause loss of teeth; conjunctivitis and ulcerative lesions of the perianal area

Skin: occurs most commonly on the face; may have nodules, ulcerations or papillo-matous lesions; most often arises from direct extension of mucous membrane lesions; hematogenous spread causes widely scattered subcutaneous abscesses; lymph nodes: extensive hypertrophic, painful lym-phadenopathy with visceral and subcutaneous nodes; cervical nodes commonly affected; suppuration causes sinus tracts or skin ulcers

Respiratory: lung involvement in 70-80% of patients and often the only organ system involved; frequently resembles tuberculosis, with chronic dyspnea, cough, and sputum production

Other systemic problems: hepatosplenome-galy, adrenal insufficiency meningitis, intestinal ulcerations, and osteomyelitis Juvenile subacute form: Mucous membranes: rare mucosal ulcerations

Skin: acneiform eruption or subcutaneous abscesses; scrofuloderma as a result of lymph node suppuration Lymph nodes: prominent lymphadenopa-thy with suppuration; mesenteric adenopa-thy may produce bowel obstruction Respiratory: occasional pneumonia Other problems: cachexia, hepatosplenome-galy, adrenal insufficiency, osteomyelitis, gastrointestinal problems

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