Clinical manifestation

Common variant (verruca vulgaris): hard papules with a rough, irregular, scaly surface, most commonly seen on hands Filiform variant: elongated, slender papules with filiform fronds, usually seen on face, around the lips, eyelids, or nares Palmoplantar warts (myrmecia): small, shiny papules, progressing to deep endo-phytic, sharply defined, round papules or plaques with keratotic surface, surrounded by a smooth collar of thickened horn; plantar lesions usually found on weight-bearing areas, such as metatarsal head and heel; hand lesions often are subungual or periungual

Flat wart (plane wart, verruca plana) variant: flat or slightly elevated, flesh-colored,

Water wart 611

smooth or slightly hyperkeratotic papules; sometimes become grouped or confluent; may appear in linear distribution as a result of scratching or trauma (Koebner phenomenon)

Butcher's wart variant: seen in people who handle raw meat; similar morphology to common warts, most commonly on the hands

Mosaic variant: plaque of closely grouped warts, usually seen on palms and soles Anogenital (condyloma accuminata) variant: pink-to-brown, exophytic, cauliflowerlike papules or nodules of genitalia, perineum, crural folds, and/or anus; discrete, flesh-colored or hyperpigmented papules on the shaft of the penis; lesions may extend into the vagina, urethra, cervix, per-irectal epithelium, anus, and rectum

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