Clinical manifestation

Spread by nasal droplet infection; incubation period of 14-19 days, with onset of rash usually on the 15th day; disease contagious from a few days before to 5-7 days after the appearance of the exanthem; most contagious when rash is erupting; may have no prodrome in children, with rash being first manifestation; in adults, fever, sore throat, and rhinitis may occur; discrete macules on the face that spread to the neck, trunk, and extremities, with coalescence into plaques; exanthem lasts 1-3 days, first leaving the face; nonspecific enanthem (Forscheimer's spots) of pinpoint red macules and petechiae visible over the soft palate and uvula just before or with the exanthem;

Rubeola morbilli 511

generalized tender lymphadenopathy involving all nodes, but most striking in the suboccipital, postauricular, and anterior and posterior cervical nodes; joint symptoms may occur in adults; congenital rubella syndrome in infants whose mothers contract the disease during the first trimester: purpura at birth, low birth weight, small head size, lethargy, irritabilitiy, deafness, seizures, developmental delay, mental retardation

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