Clinical manifestation

Pruritic, discrete or confluent, polygonal violaceous papules, with fine white scale (Wickham's stria); mucous membrane involvement with white or gray streaks forming a linear or reticular pattern on a violaceous background, most commonly on the buccal mucosa and tongue; genital involvement with annular papules on the

Lichen ruber planus cum pigmentatione glans penis; vulvar involvement with reticulate papules or erosions, with dyspareunia, burning sensation, pruritus and vulvar and urethral stenosis; nail plate thinning with longitudinal grooving and ridging and occasional destruction of nail plate with ptyrigium formation; follicular and perifol-licular, violaceous, scaly, pruritic papules on the scalp, sometimes progressing to atrophic cicatricial alopecia (lichen plano-pilaris)

Hypertrophic variant: pruritic, thick, scaly, violaceous plaques, usually on the anterior leg; atrophic variant: few lesions, often representing the resolution of annular or hypertrophic lesions

Erosive variant: chronic, painful erosions on the mucosal surfaces; evolve from sites of previous non-erosive disease Actinic variant: nummular plaques with a hypopigmented zone surrounding a hyper-pigmented center

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Hair Loss Prevention

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