Clinical manifestation

Incubation period from 7-14 days (average 10-11 days); communicable just before the beginning of prodromal symptoms, until approximately 4 days following the onset of the exanthem; prodrome of cough, coryza, conjunctivitis, fever, photophobia Enanthem (Koplik spots): blue-white spots surrounded by red halo; appear on buccal mucosa opposite the premolar teeth; predate exanthem by 24-48 hours and last approximately 2-4 days. Exanthem: begins on the fourth or fifth day after onset of symptoms; appears as slightly elevated papules beginning on face and behind the ears and spreading to trunk and extremities within 24-36 hours; initial color dark red, slowly fading to purplish hue, and then to yellow/brown lesions with fine scale, over the following 5-10 days

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