Clinical manifestation

Non-specific constitutional symptoms and signs

Skin findings: variable and usually nonspecific; palpable purpura; papules; subcutaneous nodules; ulcerations resembling pyoderma gangrenosum; petechiae; vesicles; pustules; hemorrhagic bullae; livedo reticularis; lower extremities most commonly affected

Ocular findings: conjunctivitis; scleritis; proptosis

Ear, nose, and throat findings: sinusitis and disease in the nasal mucosa, with purulent or sanguinous nasal discharge; otitis media; deformation or destruction of the pinnae or nose

Oral findings: mucosal ulcerations; gingival hyperplasia with petechiae Renal findings: oliguria; hematuria; glomerulonephritis; chronic renal insufficiency

Cardiac and neurologic involvement

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