Clinical manifestation

Transient, pruritic, edematous, pink or red papules or plaques (wheals) of variable size and shape, with surrounding erythema Angioedema variant: ill-defined, subcutaneous, edematous plaques, with associated pruritus, pain, or burning sensation in lesions

Physical urticaria (dermatographism): urti-carial wheal at site of light stroking or rubbing; may occur with concomitant chronic

Urticarial vasculitis 597

idiopathic urticaria; pressure-induced urticaria; delayed response to pressure applied to skin

Cold urticaria: wheal at site of cold application; may occur with rapid temperature change, without extremes of cold Solar urticaria: wheals after brief exposure to sunlight

Cholinergic urticaria: small wheals triggered by heat, exercise, or emotional stress Exercise-induced urticaria: wheals appearing after vigorous exercise Aquagenic urticaria: wheals appearing after exposure to water

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