Clinical manifestation

Posttraumatic gas gangrene: recent serious injury to the skin or soft tissues or open fractures

Postoperative gas gangrene: history of recent surgery of the gastrointestinal tract or the biliary tract

Occult malignancy-associated spontaneous gas gangrene: no obvious preceding event; gas gangrene presents with sudden onset of pain, with low-grade fever and apathetic mental status; local swelling and serosan-guineous exudate appear soon after onset of pain; skin turns to a bronze color, then progresses to a blue-black color with hem-orrhagic bullae; entire region sometimes becomes markedly edematous within hours; wound may be nonodorous or have a sweet mousy odor; crepitus following gas production; pain and tenderness to palpation disproportionate to wound appearance; late signs: hypotension, renal failure, and a paradoxical heightening of mental acuity

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