Eccrine carcinoma


Eccrine adenocarcinoma; malignant tumor with eccrine differentiation


Neoplasm of eccrine sweat gland with potential for destructive local tissue infiltration and metastasis; sometimes subdivided into tumors arising de novo in normal skin and tumors originating from preexisting, benign, sweat gland tumors

198 Eccrine chromhidrosis


Derived from any portion of the eccrine apparatus or resulting from the malignant transformation of an existing benign eccrine tumor

Clinical manifestation

Non-specific solitary nodule or plaque with occasional ulceration, on the head, extremities, or trunk

Differential diagnosis

Basal cell carcinoma; squamous cell carcinoma; Merkel cell carcinoma; cutaneous metastasis; eccrine acrospiroma; micro-cystic adnexal carcinoma; eccrine porocar-cinoma; cutaneous adenoid cystic carcinoma


Wide local excision; Mohs micrographic surgery; radiation therapy


Katzman BM, Caligiuri DA, Klein DM, DiMaio TM, Gorup JM (1997) Eccrine carcinoma of the hand: a case report. Journal of Hand Surgery -American Volume 22(4)737-739

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