Eccrine hidrocystoma


Eccrine cystadenoma; eccrine syringocystadenoma; syringectasia


Tumor consisting of a cystic proliferation of eccrine secretory elements


Possibly adenomatous cystic proliferations of the eccrine glands or retention cysts of the eccrine sweat apparatus

Clinical manifestation

Asymptomatic, solitary, translucent-to-bluish papule, with a predilection for the periorbital area

Ecthyma 199

Differential diagnosis

Apocrine hidrocystoma; basal cell carcinoma; epidermoid cyst; mucous cyst; syringoma; milium; steatocystoma multiplex


Incision and drainage, followed by surgical destruction of the cyst wall by light electro-desiccation and curettage; punch, shave, or elliptical excision


Alfadley A, Al Aboud K, Tulba A, Mourad MM (2001) Multiple eccrine hidrocystomas of the face. International Journal of Dermatology 40(2)1125-129

Echovirus 16 infection

► Boston exanthem


► Azole antifungal agents

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