Chronic superficial infection of the inter-triginous areas caused by Corynebacte-rium minutissimum

224 Erythroderma


Under favorable conditions, such as heat and humidity, Corynebacteria organisms proliferate and cause clinical signs

Clinical manifestation

Well demarcated, brown-red, minimally scaly plaques, commonly occurring over inner thighs, crural region, scrotum, and toe webs; other intertriginous sites such as axillae, submammary area, periumbilical region, and intergluteal fold less commonly involved; toe web lesions appear macerated; predisposing factors: excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis, disrupted cutaneous barrier, obesity, diabetes mellitus, and immunocompromised state

Differential diagnosis

Tinea pedis; tinea corporis; tinea cruris; contact dermatitis; dyshidrotic eczema; intertrigo; contact dermatitis


Erythromycin base; clarithromycin; drying powder applied twice daily


Holdiness MR (2002) Management of cutaneous erythrasma. Drugs 62(8):ii3i-4i

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