Favre Racouchot syndrome


Syndrome of Favre-Racouchot; nodular cutaneous elastoidosis with cysts and comedones; senile comedones; solar comedones; smoker's comedones


Disorder characterized by multiple open and closed comedones in actinically damaged skin


Unknown; develops in individuals with a heavy smoking history and chronic exposure to ultraviolet light

Clinical manifestation

Multiple, bilaterally symmetrical, open and closed comedones in the periorbital and temporal areas; occasionally noted in the lateral neck, postauricular areas, and forearms; actinically damaged skin with yellowish discoloration, yellowish nodules, atrophy, wrinkles, and furrows

Differential diagnosis

Acne vulgaris; nevus comedonicus; colloid milia; milia; trichoepithelioma; syringoma; sebaceous hyperplasia; xanthoma


Comedone extraction; surgical excision; tretinoin


Sharkey MJ, Keller RA, Grabski WJ, McCollough ML (1992) Favre-Racouchot syndrome. A combined therapeutic approach. Archives of Dermatology I28(5):6i5-6i6

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