Fibrous papule of noseface


Fibrous papule; fibrous papule of the nose Definition

Small facial papule with a characteristic fibrovascular component on histological examination


Possibly remnant of a melanocytic nevus, or fibrohistiocytic lineage, or derived from dermal dendrocytes

Clinical manifestation

Solitary or multiple, dome-shaped, shiny, skin-colored or red-brown firm papules; usually located on the nose, but sometimes arising on the cheeks, chin, neck, lip, or the forehead

Differential diagnosis

Nevus; basal cell carcinoma; trichoepitheli-oma; syringoma; milium; seborrheic kera-tosis; pyogenic granuloma; angiofibroma


Surgical excision for cosmesis


Shea CR, Salob S, Reed JA, Lugo J, McNutt NS 91996) CD34-reactive fibrous papule of the nose. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 35(2 Pt 2)1342-345

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