Fogo selvagem


Endemic pemphigus foliaceus; Brazilian pemphigus; Brazilian pemphigus foliaceus; South American pemphigus


Variant of pemphigus foliaceus found in certain areas of Central America, South America, and Tunisia


Autoimmune disease, with autoantibodies specific for desmoglein, which results in acantholysis and linical blistering; black fly may be vector of spread

246 Follicular mucinosis

Clinical manifestation

Superficial vesicles that rupture easily and leave erosions; positive Nikolsky sign; occasional total body erythroderma; no mucous membrane involvement

Differential diagnosis

Impetigo; lupus erythematosus; pemphigus vulgaris; seborrheic dermatitis; atopic dermatitis; subcorneal pustular dermatosis; epidermolysis bullosa; glucagonoma syndrome; erythema multiforme Other causes of erythroderma: drug reaction; cutaneous T-cell lymphoma; psoriasis; pityriasis rubra pilaris; contact dermatitis


Severe disease: prednisone; steroid sparing agents: azathioprine; cyclophosphamide; mycophenolate mofetil Mild-to-moderate disease: high potency topical corticosteroids


Sampaio SA, Rivitti EA, Aoki V, Diaz LA (1994) Brazilian pemphigus foliaceus, endemic pemphigus foliaceus, or fogo selvagem (wild fire). Dermatologic Clinics i2(4):765-776

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