Folliculitis decalvans




Final common pathway of various types of chronic folliculitis, producing progressive scarring


Inflammatory process caused by obstruction or disruption of individual hair follicles and the associated pilosebaceous units, leading to scarring alopecia because of destruction of the follicular units; role of staphylococcal follicular infection uncertain

Clinical manifestation

Occurs in women after age 30 and in men from adolescence onward; bogginess or induration of affected areas of the scalp or other hair-bearing sites; successive crops of pustules; late finding of scarring alopecia

Differential diagnosis

Dissecting folliculitis; lupus erythematosus; lichen planopilaris; kerion; pseudopelade of Brocq; follicular degeneration syndrome; pemphigus vulgaris; pemphigus foliaceus; Darier disease; Hailey-Hailey disease; pseudofolliculitis barbae


Treatment of infection as per culture results References

Brooke RC, Griffiths CE (2001) Folliculitis decalvans. Clinical & Experimental Dermatology 26(l):i20-122

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