Fordyces disease


Fordyce's spots; Audry's glands; pseudo-colloid lip mucous membrane sebacous milia; pseudocolloid of the buccal mucosa; pseudocolloid of the lips; mucosal sebaceous cysts


Developmental anomaly characterized by enlarged ectopic sebacous glands on the mucosa of the mouth and genitals



Clinical manifestation

Asymptomatic, 1-2 mm yellow papules on the mucosal surfaces of the mouth and genitalia; papules sometimes coalesce into plaques

Differential diagnosis

Warts; lichen planus; white sponge nevus


None indicated


Massmanian A, Sorni Valls G, Vera Sempere FJ (1995) Fordyce spots on the glans penis. British Journal of Dermatology 133(3)1498-500

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