Caused by true fungi (eumycetoma) or by aerobic bacterial actinomycetes (actino-mycetoma)

Organisms producing eumycetoma: Pseu-dallescheria boydii (the most common cause in the United States); Madurella myc-etomatis; Madurella grisea; Phialophora jeanselmei; Pyrenochaeta romeroi; Lept-

Mycetoma. Multiple, infiltrated nodules on the foot osphaeria senegaliensis; Curvularia lunata; Neotestudina rosatii; Aspergillus nidulans; Aspergillus flavus; species of Fusarium: Cylindrocarpon and Acremonium Organisms causing actinomycetoma: Actin-omadura madurae and A. pelletieri; Strep-tomyces somaliensis; several species and varieties of Nocardia, particularly N. brasil-iensis; organisms introduced via localized trauma of the skin with thorns, wood splinters, or implantation with solid objects

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