► Eccrine hidrocystoma


Caused by bacterial infection, usually Streptococcus but sometimes Staphylococcus; predisposing factors: previous tissue injury, immunocompromised state; environmental factors: high temperature and humidity, crowded living conditions, poor hygiene

Clinical manifestation

Begins as a vesicle or pustule, ulcerating and producing a yellowish crust with ery-thematous, indurated borders

Differential diagnosis

Herpes simplex virus infection; atypical mycobacterial infection; nocardia infection; sporotrichosis; trauma; insect or spider bite reaction; pyoderma gangrenosum


Mupirocin ointment applied 3 times daily for 7-10 days; dicloxacillin; cephalexin; known Streptococcal infection: penicillin*

200 Ecthyma contagiosum


Mancini AJ (2000) Bacterial skin infections in children: the common and the not so common. Pediatric Annals 29(i):26-35

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