Comedonal acne: tretinoin 0.025% cream or adapalene 0.1% gel or tazarotene 0.1% gel; alpha hydroxy acid preparation Inflammaroty acne: tetracycline or doxycy-cline or minocycline; benzoyl peroxide 5% gel; azelaic acid 20% cream; clindamycin 1% lotion or cream; erythromycin 2% gel or cream

Recalcitrant acne in women: oral contraceptive containing norgestimate 0.25 mg and ethinyl estradiol 0.035 mg; spironolactone; prednisone

Acne where sweating is an aggravating factor: aluminium chloride solution Severe nodulocystic acne unresponsive to other therapies: isotretinoin* Acne surgery: comedone expression; incision and drainage of fluctuant cysts and abscesses; chemical peel; microdermabra-sion; intralesional triamcinolone 2-4 mg/ml

Fight Acne

Fight Acne

I am sure that every one of you is familiar with acne. Almost all of us got this skin disorder, right? Well, technically known as acne vulgaris, this skin disorder affects millions of people from different walks of life, annually.

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